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Aboofx Blotting Paper and Large Flower Press Kit for Flower Pressing

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2024-04-24 19:35:36

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Extra Large Size with 10 Layers: Flower press measures 13.4 x 8.7 inch / 34 x 22 cm, which can press more flowers at the same time and dry extra large flowers or leaves, saving time to make more pressed flower crafts@Convenient Storage And Carrying: In order for every dried flower lover to realize the idea of pressing flowers anytime and anywhere, we have specially prepared a durable portable canvas bag, which is suitable for indoor storage and outdoor carrying@Perfect Gift Idea: Large flower press is carved with beautiful flowers, noble and elegant, packed in a beautiful gift box, it is an ideal and unique gift for flower lovers, making people smile back@Highly Absorbent: Natural fiber material can quickly and effectively absorb water, ink, and other liquids. Reduce the chances of browning and molding of your flowers@Wide Application: Useful for home crafts, pressing flowers and leaves, and much more. Due to its high quality and absorbency is also great as calligraphy paper for fountain pen writing

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Aboofx 20 Sheets Blotting Paper for Flower Press, Large A4 Highly Absorbent and Reusable Blotter Paper for Flower Press Herbarium Paper Craft. Aboofx Extra Large Flower Press, 13.4" x 8.7" 10 Layers Wooden Flower Pressing Kit with Storage Bag, Flower Pressing Kit for Adults, Pressed Flower Plant Preservation Kit DIY Art and Gift