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Aboofx 88" Hot Tub Mat Outdoor Indoor

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2023-12-04 11:40:10

Quick Overview

Large Thick Mat: The hot tub mat is 80 x 80 inches, which can hold most hot tubs, and the mat is about 2.7mm thick. The mat can be cut into an appropriate size as needed@Premium Material: The surface of the hot tub mat is made of felt material, which has strong water absorption, and keeps the floor clean and dry. The bottom of the hot tub mat is made of PVC, which is non-slip, wear-resistant, and durable@Multiple Use: The hot tub mat can not only use for bathtubs but also perfect for small swimming pools, yoga, treadmills, barbecue, car repair, and other scenes that need to stop oil leakage@Durable and Effective: The hot tub mat can stop the friction between the tub and the floor, reducing noises, absorbing the water, and protecting the floor from moisture, while providing insulation and keeping warm. Inflatable hot tub mats can also use outdoors, protect the pool and tub well from stones and other cuts and punctures caused by debris@Portable and Reusable: The hot tub mat doesn’t need to wash during the use process. Just put it in a ventilated place or under the sunshine, and wait for the mat to dry. You can wipe the mat with soapy water when there are some stains. The product comes with a storage bag that you can put into when the mat is not in use

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