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Aboofx 12 Sheets Blotting Paper and Kids' Flower Pressing Kits

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2023-03-16 12:01:16

Quick Overview

4-Layers Flower Pressing Design: Suitable size about 6 x 6 inch / 15 x 15 cm, easy to carry, you can take it outdoors and make your pressed flowers at any time. 4 layers of flower leave press design suitable for preserving samples like insects, plants, leaves, and other specimens@Wide Application: Perfect for children interested in arts and crafts. Children will have fun pressing and drying their favorite plants and flowers with this flower press kit, stimulating imagination in the hands of growth. Also can be a great gift for any lover of flowers and nature@12 sheets of flower blotting paper made of natural fiber blotting paper for flower pressing, smooth and thick, not fragile, and easy to absorb water@Highly Absorbent: Natural fiber material can quickly and effectively absorb water, ink, and other liquids. Reduce the chances of browning and molding of your flowers@Wide Application: Useful for home crafts, pressing flowers and leaves, and much more. Due to its high quality and absorbency is also great as calligraphy paper for fountain pen writing

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